Since Energy is freely available in the nature as the Solar and the Wind amongst others, why waste it when you can produce your own ?  We provide state
of the art energy production systems that will save you money.  Moreover, recent efforts by the U.S Government’s push towards alternative energy in the form of
various incentives makes it absolutely affordable.  We provide links to incentive pages for your convenience.  Note: you can click on the images to zoom in.
Solar Hot Water    
Available for flat or angular roof.
We provide both Commercial &
Residential Solutions.
Get all your hot water needs for
every season, even on cloudy
days, by using clean,renewable
solar energy. The comfort of
Solar Hot Water every day.
Over 2,000
models of
lighting.  Our
systems come
complete with
a Solar Electric
Power Assembly (SEPA) sized
specifically for your application
and location, street light fixture in
either a Street Light Refractor
(SLR) or Street Light Cut-off
(SLC), your choice of controller,
and the side of pole bracket
The uneven heating of the Earth’s surface, as
it rotates in front of the sun, creates low and
high pressures in the atmosphere – causing
wind. The wind can then be captured, using
special technologies and mechanisms, and
converted into energy. As long as the Earth
rotates in front of the Sun, there will be wind –
a perpetual source of clean energy for our
DSIRE is a comprehensive
source of information on
state, local, utility, and
federal incentives and
policies that promote
renewable energy and
energy efficiency.
Established in 1995 and
funded by the U.S.
Department of Energy,
DSIRE is an ongoing project
of the N.C. Solar Center and
the Interstate Renewable
Energy Council.
This Solar & Wind
Calculator will calculate the
size and cost to install an energy
system for your home or building.
Solar & wind calculator technology
options include solar electric (PV),
solar water heating, pool or spa
heating, space heating & cooling,
and wind turbines. The solar & wind
calculator's financial analysis is
based upon energy bill savings you
can expect and the net system cost,
after tax credits and other
incentives are applied. The solar &
wind calculator results are based
upon many assumptions and the
limited data you will enter. An actual
site assessment by a qualified solar
& wind Professional will be needed
to determine the actual costs and
benefits of installing a system.
Solar Pool Heating
SwimMaster Plus solar panels can
help you get the most out of your
pool investment by adding months
to your swimming season.
Solar Ray Tracker    
Get upto 38% more energy with the
actuated ray tracker.
Solar Electricity    
Solar Street Lights    
Estimate my solar energy system.
Contains videos of
How it works,
advertisements and