One of the most enjoyable ways to
spend leisure time is visiting pool-side
with family and friends. Comfortable pool
water offers soothing relaxation and
recreation while a "too cool" pool just
leaves us longing. SwimMaster Plus
solar panels can help you get the most
out of your pool investment by adding
months to your swimming season.
Solar pool heating is by far the most cost-
effective way to heat your pool. The sun’s
energy is clean, free and inexhaustible. And
plentiful in Florida on a year-round basis.
While solar does not have the ability to
deliver any temperature on demand in any
weather, you will never have to turn your
solar pool heater off because you can no
longer afford its operating cost.
A solar pool heating system can double your
comfortable swim season in a warm pool.
And depending upon what temperature you
find comfortable, a solar pool heater may
even triple your season. Also, keep in mind
that during your current, unheated swim
season, your pool can be much warmer if you
Solar pool heating is a very mature technology; thousands of solar pool heaters
have delivered trouble-free operation in Florida since the late 1970s. Unlike a
propane or natural gas pool heater with metal parts, a quality solar pool heater
will keep you swimming in a warm, comfortable pool for the next 20 to 30 years.
All solar heating systems work on the same principle as a garden hose sitting
out in the sun. The sun strikes the hose and the water inside is heated.
Because the water temperatures required for swimming pool heating are
relatively low, inexpensive but durable polypropylene plastic solar panels can be
used for pool heating. However, because a swimming pool holds several
thousand gallons of water, small temperature changes require large amounts of
energy . So solar pool heating usually requires a large solar collector area:
typically 50–80 percent of the swimming pool surface area.
Solar pool heating is best for those pool owners seeking the most
environmentally friendly heating solution. If you are interested in going “clean
and green,” solar is the way to go.
Solar pool heaters have many advantages over
other pool heaters (like electric and gas):
Energy used is clean and unlimited.
System cost is usually equal to or less
than other heaters.
There is no ongoing expense to operate
your heater. After installation, all the
energy generated is FREE from the sun.
Solar heaters have no moving parts so
they generally require less service and
last years longer than other types of
All you do is set the desired pool temperature on
your solar controller (see #1 in the diagram below)
and the sun does the rest.
When your solar controller senses (#2) that there is
enough sunlight to heat your pool and that your pool
is colder than you desire, water is automatically
diverted (#3) to your solar system (#4).
Your pool pump (#5) sends pool water to the solar
collectors. As the water flows through 120 tubes in
each solar collector, the sun's energy heats it. The
solar-heated water then flows back to your pool. This
simple cycle continues until your pool reaches your
desired temperature.
You can also cool your pool during warmer months
by simply running your pool pump at night and
sending the water through your solar panels. Your
solar controller will automatically switch to nocturnal
cooling and divert the pool water through the solar
NOTE: In warm climates, with infrequent rain during the swimming season, your
solar system may be controlled with a manual control valve.
Temperature Controller
Maximizes the performance of your solar
pool heater
Assures your pool will maintain a perfect
temperature, as climatic conditions allow
Automatically heat your pool to your
favorite temperature, and maintain it there
Simplifies: just set the controller to your
preferred temperature and it does the rest
Has proven its performance and reliability
for years as the industry's leading