SEPCO™ offers over 2,000 models of commercial lighting. Below
are examples of typical street light systems. Our systems come
complete with a Solar Electric Power Assembly (SEPA) sized
specifically for your application and location, street light fixture in
either a Street Light Refractor (SLR) or Street Light Cut-off (SLC),
your choice of controller, and the side of pole bracket (SP).
The power assemblies are sized by the lamp power consumption times the hours of
operation and take into account how much sun there is in each geographic area. Each self
contained power assembly uses the best, single crystal solar modules which are bonded
into a single array with full cover vented aluminum panel pans with welded rear channel
mounting brackets, an aluminum vented battery storage assembly which includes single or
double sealed GEL batteries and all control electronics. All components attach to our
unique 5°/15°/45° welded aluminum power bracket which bolts to any pole or wall.
The fixture is a roadway “Cobra-Head” style fixture. The SLR uses the lexan refractor to
provide a large oval pattern of illumination, while the SLC has full cutoff optics for dark sky
compliance. Both are used for roadways, parking lots, and many other applications. Each
fixture can be ordered with 12 different lamp Wattages, depending on the desired
illumination, and the lamp operates directly from the internal 12 VDC inverter ballast. The
SLR and SLC fixtures are constructed of die cast aluminum and feature a deep bowl
reflector with mirror finish.
The side of pole bracket is an upsweep tapered elliptical mounting bracket and can come
4’, 6’, or 8’ in length and features a 24” rise. The side of pole bracket (SP) is our most
popular bracket for mounting the SLR and SLC fixtures.