The vertical axis windturbines
harness the power of the wind and
convert it into electrical energy.  The
blades convert the energy into
rotational forces.  They drive the
generators to create electricity.  The
converted energy is stored in the
rechargeable battery cells.
WePOWER wind turbines are
powered by Aura Generators.
Manufactured by Aura Systems, the
Aura Generators dramatically
enhances the effectiveness of
WePOWER wind turbines – allowing
them to create approximately 2.5
times the amount of energy per unit
volume compared to other solutions.
Aura Systems generators have been used by the U.S. Department of Defense,
NATO and the U.S.C.G. Specifically, the generators are in use in vehicles in
Iraq and Afghanistan. With a proven ability to function in harsh weather
conditions, the Aura Generators will allow WePOWER turbines to generate
significant power in nearly all types of environments including low and high
winds, snow, rain and urban, suburban and rural settings.
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Aura Generators are so efficient
because the weight of their moving
materials are approximately one
third less than other generators and
require less torque to generate the
rated power.
The Aura's variable speed and load
features are ideal characteristics for
WePOWER turbines because they
optimize the turbine's use of the wind
to create clean energy for
homeowners, building-owners,
commercial properties and wind
By combining the reliable power of Aura Generators with the innovative,
patented wind energy technology of WePOWER turbines, home owners,
building-owners, commercial properties and wind farms are guaranteed to
have enough power for their electrical needs.